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miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

The soap opera continues.... 2

Stage 2

Once the characters have been divided into small groups, we can get going on 'constructing' our soap opera. Explain to the class that several of the characters (but not necessarily all of them) live in the same street and that as a group, you are going to decide who lives where (you need an image of the street in question as a visual aid).

Choosing the right street is important, as the setting you choose now will influence the decisions you make and shape the action from here on in. So it's worth mulling over the options. There are a number of possibilities

A really simple drawing, for example:
Un dibujo así no da mucho juego a la hora de explorar como se ven reflejados nuestros personajes (sus gustos etc) en su elección de casa pero tiene la ventaja de ser super clara, que ayuda mucho a la hora de 'situar' a los personajes visualmente en sus respectivas casas.

A drawing like this, however, doesn't give much leeway to explore how our characters' personalities, tastes and financial circumstances etc... are projected onto their surroundings.

Another option is to choose (or invent) a street of very different types of houses:

An image like this offers a lot more scope for 'placing' our characters because it gives extra information about them (suddenly we can see that they might be rich... or conventional... or a hippie etc)  - although, we don't yet know how reliable that information is (we may discover in time that the guy living in the castle is only looking after it for friends... or he works as the gardener there... or whatever).

You may decide to have all your characters live together in the same block of flats? The perfect way to heighten tensions and create conflicts (the basis of any soap opera worth it's money, after all) between neighbours. What will it look like?
Like this?
...Or this?  

Bear in mind that our soap opera will unfold in a completely different way if it's set here:

rather than here:

You might decide to opt for a bit comedy:

And an old, decrepid house-on-the-hill is always good (dramatically speaking) to have in a neighbourhood: